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  • Richard Narroway

Piatti Project #2

I finally found the time to make the second tutorial video for my piatti project! Apologies for the delay. This video offered some new challenges - I recorded it in a classroom at the Juilliard School, with fairly dry acoustics, a different kind of feeling to the lovely, resonant church space in which I performed all 12 back in 2013. As I, myself, watch the tutorial video now, I notice that there are some things that I wish I would have done differently or demonstrated more perfectly.. but I guess that is the nature of any recording project, and it isn't so much about me, but more to help you, so that shouldn't be my primary concern.. In this video, I tried to intersperse shorter segments of demonstrations with some "play-throughs" of larger chunks of the piece to give you more of a feeling for the caprice as a whole. I hope you don't mind some of the ugly sounds - I think both my mind and body were still half asleep on that slow Sunday morning. Enjoy!!

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